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Finding Focus Through Photography
Teacher's Manual and CD


FFTP Teacher's Manual & CD--corporate $500+$12 S&H


FFTP Teacher's Manual & CD--individual $250+$12 S&H


Finding Focus Through Photography
©2003 by Lynne Bernay
ISBN 9610592-0-6
138 Pages + CD

THE TEACHER’S MANUAL presents all the rich details needed to conduct a dynamic and creative class. It’s all structured for you: outlines, homework, topics for discussion, in-class exercises. The companion CD contains the manual in pdf format supplemented with many added photo examples. It also contains an in-depth, step-by-step guide and slide presentation for each class. Both manual and CD overflow with tools to inspire and stimulate creativity in a totally non-intimidating way. No previous art or photography experience is necessary for either the students or the teacher.
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